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Never Fail a Diet and Exercise Program Again

Why do so many diets and fitness program send up in failure? What causes such an alarming rate? Is the program at fault?

Obesity is growing at an alarming rate. Thousands of people are making big plans to change their lifestyle. Diet plans are purchased Gym memberships paid for and yet within a couple of weeks they have given up on both the diet and exercise program! Yes they may not have cancelled the gym membership yet, as they mean to start exercising again soon, maybe!

So What Exactly Goes Wrong?

Why do so many people quit early on? It makes people believe that it is just not worthwhile dieting as they are doomed not to succeed. One of the main reasons for diets failing is because people expect to see results, ‘Fast’. They almost expect to miss a couple of meals and ‘Hey Presto’ as if by magic all of the weight will have miraculously gone.

People have come to expect instant results, a magic pill maybe. The problem is that there are no magic pills available as yet. Not seeing a diet through to its conclusion will result in the diet failing, even worse most people pile the extra pounds on.

MOTIVATION and common sense are needed to get results. Motivation that lasts, you have to have the right mindset. The right approach, the willpower.

Once you realize this and work on your motivation problems first you are more likely to reach your goals and your health and fitness lifestyle will be in the past. You have the motivation, deep inside you. You can do it. Maybe your family or friends will support you and cheer you on. This will help increase your motivation.

So when you hear of people failing with their diets and exercise programs, realize that it is not the program that is failing them. They are failing. Their motivation has failed them.

Motivation and Staying The Course

It is most likely that your motivation will be the deciding factor in your diet. You have to stay focused determined and motivated to the end. Getting support from family, friends and professionals will all help to keep you motivated but, at the end it really is up to you to change your lifestyle around.

If you are overweight or clinically obese and wanting to shed the weight, you have to take responsibility and stick to, ‘The Plan’. Eat the right diet, do not snack and follow a good exercise routine. You will also need a good eight hours of sleep each and every day as well.

Try keeping your mind focused on the desired end result. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it. Think about the end results and how you will feel when you achieve your goal. Your efforts won’t seem as difficult then. It will be easier to stay motivated and focused on your goals if you start thinking like this. Become the person that you have always wanted to be. Succeed with your diet and you will probably find a more confident you waiting at the end. A person that knows that they can finish what they started. They can reach their goals.

Choose a Diet And Exercise Program That Suits You.

Do not just jump into a diet program blindfolded. Make sure to choose the right program as this will give you a huge advantage of reaching your goals.

The health and fitness industry have become saturated with weight loss programs, some good, some bad. The reason for this is because so many people are lacking the determination and fail miserably only to end up blaming the program. They then move on to the next diet program expecting an, ‘Easy Fix’ and yes the same thing happens. Without the right mindset and the continued motivation people end up purchasing diet plan after diet plan. The diet industry is not going to let you into their secret. They do not want you to realize that it is you that is lacking the determination, the willpower to succeed, the hunger, the motivation. Yes it is a hard slog but it is worth it. You know that. Trouble is, the diet industry wants to sell diets and sell diets they will. Thousands and thousands of pounds are being spent and if you are not careful, you will end up in this never ending vicious circle that is probably helping you to gain even more weight!

It can become complicated to find a diet and exercise plan that suits you. Researching for a viable dieting program that will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals can take a time as there are so many available.

There are so many self confessed, ‘Experts’ out there that will lead you to dieting products that they know nothing about. They only know that they will receive a commission if they sell it!

One of the best things to do is to make sure that you research exactly what type of diet it is and does the exercise program suit you.

If you have any health problems or are obese you really do need to get sound advice from a doctor. He will may well be able to suggest a plan that will not only be good for you but, safe to follow!

Your local library might be able to help. They have dieting and exercise books on their shelves and if you take my tip, you will walk to the library if it is close enough and you are able to. This will be good exercise for you.

Researching both on and off line will give you a good idea of what to expect from a diet and workout plan. Remember do not let it scare you and stay motivated.

Online forums are a great place. You can talk to like minded people and get the support that you need to succeed. People will also be able to explain what diets they have tried and maybe recommend one. Be careful though. Some of the people on there are not after losing weight, they are simply there to peddle diet books that they are affiliated to! Most of them know nothing about the diet and have not tried it out for themselves. So be forewarned, stay diligent and do your homework. Do not just accept the advice off the first person that you interact with. Make a note and research the product further if possible.

Try and find out exactly what it takes to achieve your goals using the each program that you are researching. Think about what you will have to do, how much time you will have to devote, whether you are capable of doing what is expected of you, what equipment will you be expected to use, what kind of results should you expect and how soon can you expect results. Answering these questions will help you to decide on the right diet and exercise program for you. One that has a better chance of succeeding, all you need to do is add yourself, your motivation and determination. Speaking with a qualified person will help to steer you in the right direction but again, don’t let their enthusiasm steer you in the wrong direction. The diet and exercise program may well be a great one but, if it includes foods that you do not like and exercises that you just can’t do, then its’ going to be useless for you. You are doomed before you start. So research, research and then have a good think about all of the programs benefits and minuses before making your final choice.

Easy Does It!

Do not rush into your new exercise program and overdo it. You will probably end up in pain or worse, you might injure yourself. You need to start at a slow pace. ‘Take it Easy’ and work your way up slowly over a few days or a couple of weeks maybe.

As your fitness levels increase along with your confidence you will soon be able to complete a full workout. Take advise from staff at the gym if possible. They are the experts. They are trained, so that they can offer good advice, so take note of it.

Work your way up to each level is the best way. Maybe you should start with a brisk walk for 20 to 30 minutes on your first day. Each week you can add five minutes to this until you reach your 1 hour bench mark. Starting at too difficult of a level will leave you believing that you can’t make it, that you can’t reach your goals. You will soon give up. So do not make the mistake of overdoing it.

The same goes for your diet as well. Don’t give up all of your favorite foods all at once. As this is liable to depress you and will cause massive cravings for unhealthy foods. Depression will also hinder your weight loss plan as when you are depressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is known as the stress hormone and will weaken your body and mind. This hormone could well dampen your enthusiasm and you will help you to give up your plan sooner.

You could start by treating yourself with a few of the unhealthy foods that you currently enjoy eating. Then slowly give one up each week until you end up with only your healthy diet remaining. Even if you are eating a perfectly strict diet, you should still treat yourself with one meal that you enjoy each week. We like to call it a treat meal. It is your treat, your reward for sticking to your diet and will give you something to look forward to.

You need to ease yourself into your new long term fitness program, you shouldn’t start drastically all at once. Start slowly and continually build up momentum. Soon your body will adapt and you will be able to perform the tougher workouts and adhere to the new size portions that your diet demands. This will help you to stay on the course and will not shock your body to its’ core.

Do not expect to simply lose fat from the areas that you want. You will most likely lose fat slowly and evenly from all over your body. Many people are under the illusion that focusing their exercise on a particular part of their body will cause all of the weight to come of from that ‘Spot’. This is not true.

I have seen males doing hundreds of crunches, concentrating on their ‘Six Pack’ day after day. Hour after hour in the hope that they will end up with a well sculpted ‘Six Pack’. Not so, you can Crunch none stop for 24 hours per day and it simply will not happen. Not until you have got your overall body fat down to around 10% or less. Try telling them, they won’t listen.

Make sure that you realise this and simply focus on other techniques that will help to burn the fat quicker. If you really want to look good in your swimwear you will need to concentrate on burning the fat and building lean muscle. Dieting without exercising may help you to lose weight but it gets rid of lean muscle as well as fat. The biggest problem with this is that when you stop dieting you will start to put weight on. This weight is all fat and not muscle. So you have lost good lean muscle only to end up replacing it with fat!

It can be a good thing to concentrate on different parts of your body each day. This will allow you to work out different parts of your body that have not had much exercise for a few days. This will allow parts of your body to rest whilst you are still exercising another part of your body!

It is so easy to overwork yourself and find that you are barely able to move the next day. This will cause you to quit your fitness program. Take it slow and avoid this problem. Realise that this is not the fault of the program it is the way that you have chosen to approach it.

Friends and Family

Keeping yourself motivated is the best way of ensuring that you stick with your chosen fitness program. What better way than getting a member of your family or a friend to join the gym and follow your fitness program as well.

Failing this you can make friends at the gymnasium. This way your new friend is already working out at the gym and much more likely to keep going, if they have already been a member for a reasonable time. This will increase your motivation and help you to focus even more on your exercise program.

If you exercise on your own you are more liable to get bored and disillusioned. Whereas working out with friends will encourage a bit of healthy competition. See who can lose the most weight and be accountable to each other. You won’t want to let your partner down and will find that you look forward to exercising with your friend/s.

Try and get your friends involved with your diet plan. Create a Buzz an interest and they will help to push you towards your goal. Do not worry if your friends want to mock you at first. This will still help you as long as you take their mockery in the right spirit. Use their teasing to build a raging fire inside you that makes you want to prove them wrong. Your friends will be keeping you motivated even when they don’t realize that they are doing it.

You will find that whilst you are around your friends you will put off eating the wrong foods and will want to further impress them with your diet.

Believe me friends can be a tremendous help when it comes to sticking to an exercise program. They help create a feeling in you that makes you want to stay with your health program even if they don’t comment on it.

Measuring Success

Keep a record of your results and how you have progressed as this will help to keep you highly motivated. Even if the results are minimal it will let you see that you are one step closer to attaining your goals and are becoming the person that you want to be.

Measure yourself at the beginning of a workout. Weigh yourself and work out your BMI. How far can you run before tiring? This will keep you up to date with how you are benefiting with your new lifestyle.

It will excite and motivate you if you can actually measure the benefits of your diet and fitness plan. You will not notice results each and every week. As time goes by and you lose weight it will slow down and eventually seem as though your weight loss has come to a standstill.

Treat yourself as a reward, this will help to keep you on track and motivated. Healthy treats will be best. You could reward yourself with a trip when you have lost a certain weight. Especially if it is a walking trip or includes some form of exercise.

Do not treat yourself with food. This could be disastrous, people often think of food when a treat is mentioned. Usually a unhealthy food treat. You need to distance yourself as far as possible from unhealthy food and try to stop thinking about it.

Looking in the mirror at a new you will soon have you motivated and you will be able to congratulate yourself. Taking photos will allow you to see how you look at different stages of your diet. You will soon realize that you are well on your way to reaching your goals.

A new smaller outfit will soon be needed and maybe a pair of jeans. This will keep your motivation all fired up. You will soon want to push even harder to reach your goals. Just make sure that you do not push too hard. Remember build on the pace slowly.

Of course you will have days when you feel a little down, ‘You can’t go on’! This is where your Motivation should kick in. Get down the gym and use your motivation to Motivate, Motivate you!

Most people do not stop exercising at the gym because it is to hard, they quit because they simply do not want to go to the gym. They can’t be bothered. Skip one day and you will skip another. Do not do it. Drag yourself down to the gym and complete those set exercises. You will feel better once you are there. You have got to break a lifelong habit. Make it your habit to exercise.

You will find that if you drag yourself down to the gym that you will probably end up d=completing a full workout and you will feel better within yourself. “Go on You can do it”!

Fitness Program Failure

Many people feel that the fitness program that they are following won’t work. They feel that maybe they will not attain the results that they want. These feelings can easily get you to give up your goals if you let them. You need to take a positive approach to your exercise program. Keep your mind focused on all of the benefits that your exercise program offers you. Giving up now will make it easier to give up next time. You will probably find yourself blaming the program and not yourself. Do not go down this road otherwise you may find yourself stuck with the belief that these programs do not work.

Just think about the benefits. The sexier body, the healthier heart and your improved physical status. This will help to keep you motivated all the way to the end.

You will find that a healthier you will have more confidence and you will begin to feel less lethargic. You will find that you can spend more quality time with people around you. Wouldn’t you like to see your children grow up. Even play a larger part in their life and maybe their children’s (Your Grandchildren) lives.

This all comes down to your perseverance and motivation. You want a healthier life. You want to look your best. You want to be a little more mobile.






Follow your diet and your exercise program for long enough and let it become your way of life for as long as you can. Fight for your fitness and well being. Fight until, there is no fight left, until you can go on no longer. Achieve what you once believed impossible and take it even further.

Your family and friends will be amazed. Some may even be a little jealous and wish that they had the Grit and Determination to reach their goals.

How to Know When It’s Time to Add a Program or Service

We met in our satellite location, at 7:00 p.m., to prepare for our first class meeting. The class leader had cleaned, decorated, made beautiful snacks, set out chairs and prepared an array of resources for participants. The room was set up and the instructor was ready to start a new program/service for the organization. It was exciting to think of all the people we could help, and accomplish our goal of starting a support group.

Around 7:30 it was clear that no one was going to show up. We sat there in silence wondering why no one would come. Is it because the issue we were dealing with was too personal or that our community just didn’t want to deal with it? That was some of the initial thinking as to why this program didn’t get off the ground.

This happened during my first year of being an Executive Director. I was happy to support volunteers and their dreams of providing a service they had always wanted. We made a flyer, mailed it out, purchased materials, got our room ready, and waited in anticipation for eager participants to arrive.

I learned, later, that there is much more that needs done before we move forward with adding new programs or services to our nonprofit. If the program or service is really that important it will be worth the time we spend preparing to launch a new effort. Below are some tips that I would encourage you to consider. I believe if you do, your program will enjoy more success.

    • Develop a Budget. Each program and service should have its own budget. Simply make a list of what is needed to run that program and estimate what your cost will be for each line item. Even if you have volunteer staff, estimate what it would cost to pay them if you could, and include that in the budget. Include marketing, materials, facility cost, development, training, staff and anything else that is used to allow you to offer this program or service.

    • Staff. The person developing the program is not necessarily the person who staffs the program. Think about what your program would look like if it was running exactly like you hope for. If you are a part of management, you don’t need to be running the program. Who can run your program successfully, and allow you to do the job you were hired for?

    • Evaluations. How will you know if your program is successful? When people are helped? If that is your answer then you might want to think that through a little more. When we write grants and fundraise for an organization we need to be able to tell donors and granting organizations how much our program costs, what resources we need to run it and what, exactly, our program will look like if we are successful. Even the smallest nonprofit, or grassroots effort, can take the time to think through what a successful program looks like, develop goals to gauge success and ways to evaluate effectiveness.

    • Board Support. The board I worked for approved every new program and service we started. They approved starting a thrift store, moving the organization, adding services and transitioning to a medical clinic. I had their approval, but I can see now that I didn’t have their support. If your board gives you approval you are free to proceed, however, if you have their support your program will be much more effective. You need accountability, a cheerleader, a group promoting your program and helping you fundraise for it. If you don’t have that then don’t move forward until you do.

  • Right timing. Take a mental snapshot of your organization. What does the history of your organization look like? In the larger scheme of what is going on is now the right time to move forward. Have you raised the funds to cover your program budget? How long has it been since you initiated a new event, program or service? Timing is important to the long term success of your organization and your programs and services.

The Need for Quality Childcare Programs

Quality childcare programs are in high demand these days. And because the demand is so high, the childcare industry has become big business. So big that its annual revenue is close to $20 billion, and there are about 21,000 childcare centers nationally that are run by nonprofit organizations with combined annual revenue around $13 billion. Oftentimes, when there is a lot of money to be made, corners tend to get cut and quality products and service suffers because of it. Let’s look at what makes a quality childcare program and the importance of keeping our children safe when parents are working.

The Need for Quality Childcare Programs: Quality Staff

One of the most important factors in the success and quality of care in any program is the relationship between the children left in the care of the program and the staff members who work with these children. Every program whether it is a home based program, independently owned or ran by a nonprofit organization should have a process in place that screens and selects staff and volunteers who are best suited for their program and safe for your children.

Every organization/agency that serves children needs to have a staff and volunteer screening process as part of their hiring practice as this greatly reduces the chance of child abuse. A quality childcare program will make sure that their staff are not a threat to the children that they serve; this may appear to be an obvious practice for any program but sadly, it is not. Quality programs will ensure that all of their staff, including any on-site cooks as well as any maintenance workers or custodians have been thoroughly screened and had background checks completed. This includes conducting and updating driver safety records. Having doing so, lets the parents know that the safety and welfare of the children are their highest concern.

The Need for Quality Childcare Programs: Safe Environments

It is very important to know that the physical structure of any childcare program aides or hinders in the proper protection of the children that they serve. It should be the goal of every program to keep children from situations and circumstances in which they are at increased risk. A quality program should give you a tour of their facility and:

    • Their landscaping should provide unhindered visibility to open areas where children play outside.

    • The play areas are in the open and provide unhindered visibility from multiple locations on the grounds.

  • The program has secured areas not used for program purposes like closets, administrative areas and any kitchen area. The program should have windows installed in doors and closets; this ensures that staff are able to see if a child has gotten into and area and the child is unharmed. It also eliminates an area where a child can be abused or bullied.

These are just a few things that any quality program should have in place. It is very important to make sure that your child or children are in a clean and safe program while you are at work.

The Need for Quality Childcare Programs: Policy and Procedures

Many quality programs have policies and procedures that ensure that the children are safe while in their program. There are some policies that you should be aware of and are required to sign off on. The program should have clearly defined policies and procedures for admitting and releasing children. Does your childcare program have clearly defined policies and procedures for monitoring which people outside of their program are allowed into the program building or on the premises?

The childcare program that wants to provide quality care for your child or children should have a clearly defined policy and procedure for child pick up at the end of the day or special events. It could look like you have to provide a valid ID and sign a sheet before the staff releases your child to you. A well ran program will have a photograph of you or the designated person responsible for picking up the child.

Child abuse is never an issue that any parent wants to have happen to their child or children but, it is an unfortunate reality. It is very important that the program has clearly defined policies and processes regarding investigating allegations or suspected child abuse. They must have clearly defined behaviors and violations that are reported to the appropriate authorities and have a designated contact person for questions and concerns about possible child abuse. A quality childcare program should provide all of their staff and volunteers vital information and training to assist them in the prevention and response to child abuse. The program should make all parents aware of these policies and processes as well as having parents sign off that they are aware of those policies.

These are just a few things that you should be looking for when you are searching for a quality childcare program. Many parents are so focused on what kind of curriculum a program uses that they tend to overlook some vital areas of importance when it comes to quality childcare and safe programs. So, the next time you tour a childcare program; remember some of these key things that indicate whether or not you are evaluating a quality program.